GeoSystems Consultants, Inc.
Geotechnical Engineering and Laboratory Testing

Celebrating 20 years of service

Construction Services

Construction QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Control) services are provided for a wide range of construction projects. These services include:


  • Evaluation of bearing materials for spread footings and caissons (drilled piers)
  • Inspection of pile driving
  • In-place density testing of compacted fill using Troxler nuclear moisture/density gauges (compaction testing)
  • Slope Inclinometer installation and monitoring
  • Inspection of landfill liners and caps, including both soil and geosynthetic materials
  • Concrete test cylinders
  • Rebar inspection

Our field engineers are OSHA Trained and have TWIC. GeoSystems participates in the ISNetworld and DISA programs for safety.