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Infiltration Testing


Today, many construction projects require infiltration testing to be performed prior to commencement of the project in order to determine groundwater infiltration rates. It is suggested that these infiltration tests be performed early on in the design process in order to help prevent any unnecessary delays.

GeoSystems Consultants, Inc. is capable of performing infiltration testing and analysis in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. For all states, the infiltrometer testing is conducted according to the states individual "Stormwater Best Management Practices".  

GeoSystems has extensive experience working with the Philadelphia Water Department to get infiltration designs approved according to their requirements.

Soil Permeability Class Rating Test


GeoSystems is equipped to perform Soil Permeability Class Rating Tests according to NJAC 7:9A-6.3.  This test correlates soil grainsize to an expected permeability range.