GeoSystems Consultants, Inc.
Geotechnical Engineering and Laboratory Testing

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Subsurface Investigations


GeoSystems Consultants conducts Geotechnical Investigations in general conformance with AIA Document G602-1993, Request for Proposal, Geotechnical Services.


Subsurface investigation are generally conducted using test borings, test pits, cone penetrometer, and/or geophysics.ASTM standards D1586, D1587 and D2113.

GeoSystems will contact the Owner and all utility companies through the 1-call system for information regarding buried utilities and structures.  Reasonable precautions to prevent damage to property both visible and concealed are taken.

GeoSystems oversees and documents all testing and sampling activities in the field.


Property restoration following the field work includes backfilling of borings and patching of slabs and pavements.

Geotechnical Reports include:

  • Test Boring Location Plan
    Test Boring Logs and Profiles
  • Laboratory testing results of soil and rock
  • Engineering analysis including:
    • Settlement
    • Bearing Capacity
    • Lateral Earth Pressuree
    • Pile/pier Capacity
    • Seismic Site Class Evaluation
  • Formulation of recommendations for design and construction of:
    • Foundations
    • Earthworks 
    • Pavement
    • Groundwater Control